Twisted Legs

set at a 45 degree angle, twisted post legs create a whole new fresh look for any four legged table.

set of four angled post legs, rectangular, standard height, glides. Single legs list at $155 each

On our GSA Contract:

Finish Options:
Designer White, Chalk, Warm Grey, Metallic Silver, Gunmetal, Black

10 years

Lead Time:
3 weeks

Freight Policy:

  • 12% of net up to $3,000 net
  • $3,001 to $8,000 net is 6% of net
  • $8,001 net + is freight free
  • Minimum of $150 when a top, whiteboard, urban wall, filing or healthcare products is ordered
  • Items that are freight free do not count towards qualifying for reduced or free freight.

List price is for a set of 4. $155 list for one Twisted Post Leg